About Gregory Sirek LMT, CTMP

Gregory began his journey into Thai Massage during a bicycle tour through Thailand in 2002.  He was literally hand selected (chosen for the heart in his hands) by the Asian masters who invited him to study Thai massage with them.  He has given over 10,000 hours of Thai Massage treatments and loves to share his strength with all.  Gregory’s approach is 100 percent as he learned from his Asian masters without the infusion of western massage modalities.

Education (links to the schools?)

Basic Full Body Thai Massage: Kathmandu Center of Healing, Nepal 2002

Nuad Bo-Rarn Levels 1-2: International Training Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2002

Foot Massage for Health: The School of Thai Massage Shivagakomarpaj, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2003

Thai Ancient Massage: Chaimongkol Massager Training, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2003

Sen-Therapy Levels 3-4: International Training Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2003

Thai Traditional Nerve Touch Massage:  Lek Chaiya, Chiang Mai, Thailand 2003  


About Christina Van Der Meulen, L.Ac., Mst OM, LMT, CTMP

Christina was introduced to Acupuncture at 15 years of age while growing up in  Hailey, Idaho.  After experiencing great success in her treatments she immediately began her pursuit to help others experience their full potential by combining the long standing modalities of Eastern medicine and philosophy with Western medicine.  Her studies have taken her from schools in the U.S. to hospitals in China while her clients have brought her back home to practice where she grew up.

Education (links to the schools?) 

Masters of Oriental Medicine:  International Institute of Chinese Medicine (IICM), Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM 2000.

Internship in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine):  China-Japan Friendship Hospital, BeiJing, China 1999

Internship in TCM:  Chengdu University of TCM, Chengdu, China, 2000

Internship in TCM:  Chengdu University of TCM, Chengdu, China, 2001

Continuing education courses:  Dr. Tran Viet Zung, Giovanni Maciocia, Elizabeth Wakefield, Virginia Doran

650-Hour Massage Certification:  New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Santa Fe, NM 1997

Tui Na (Chinese massage):  IICM, and while interning in China all three trips.

Thai massage:  Foundations of Thai Massage Intensive I, Jackson Hole, WY, 2007

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